Very large volume small to large retail sales outlet having branches in 3- 4 cities in TN.State, selling products whose value ranges from IN1 - INR 300000. The case was based on a material return rejection for a customer , due to non availbility of record in the existing client counter database. This data has been deleted and quarantained as a process of suppressing the sales serial number trough an automated batch applicatiion.


Sale Suppression and Purchase inflation in direct proportion


Cash withdrawal based on a scientific method derived out of a custom made batch application thorugh a self-executable program from a pen drive.


Over all application for sales counters in DOT NET and MSSQL server has been established, a Pen drive handled by the utmost authority of the organization has been identified through USB D-View, a software which identifies III party devices connected to a computer. Batch Applications that alternates the purchase and sales value for the amount withdrawn from cash box. A Separate data file is stored for the supressed value in the form of excel.


A straight 72 hour search process was completed succesfuly , and an evasion of INR 650. Cr. found for over a period of 36 months and penalised.