When every data is on CLOUD, and not in a physical electronic source where the search is conducted, it’s always a complexity.


The major hurdle is in obtaining the authorised credentials to scrutiny the data. When data gets deleted purposely, the backup need to be obtained from the service provider who will be out of our legal jurisdictions to comply. This is the primafacie that formed the modus of hidden transactions of this media and Entertainment organization.


The entire network of operations was connected to a virtual network and in turn gets stored and accessed by a VPN. The VPS service was found by activating RDC in the existing PCS on premise and frequently accessed IPS are invariably listed in the RDC window.


The offshore vendor who is providing the cloud infrastructure has to be dealt in a very different manner, as he is not bound by our legal system. Thus the case took a turn when the concerned assesse is not cooperative in providing relevant information. Our examiners impersonated the user and asked for a backup of deleted records and as a part of the SLA the vendor obliged to give the data which served as incriminating evidence.


Entire mail and official document trail has been identified and the case was made stronger