App driven tampering

A multi- branch multi-storied store, with over 1 Million SKU’s, checking physical quantity of sales to purchase is a heinous task and so the possibility of purchase inflation and sales suppression stands as a perfect modus for tax evasion.

DB Diversion

Databases all seem to be similar, and they are the sources of any transactional data. While the onlooker’s perspective is based on the name of the database, this can be deceptive at times….


While we are keen in updating on the latest and every day evolving technology, an expertise is also required in dealing with the old or legacy coding system. .


NO data is available on premise, everythng is connected to a remote machine thorugh RDC , and wew have jurisdictional issues which protects the intersts of the data owner and not any III party though its a Government Law Enforcement Agency.