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Digital Image Acquisition

Data imaging from any type of electronic medium with standard procedure and sanity which could be held as a fully qualified permissible evidence in the court of law with complete legal compliance.

This process involves application of appropriate industry standard tools approved by the legal system to acquire data from any electronic medium. Unique hash codes will be generated to prove and corroborate the working and master copy acquired from the source.

Email Acquisition

While most of the mails are configured with Gmail for individuals, corporate emails are hosted and configured either on premise or on a shared cloud space. Acquisition of such emails from cloud and on premise will be done with utmost precision and quality.

Our Forensic Examiners equipped with adequate knowledge and supporting tools are capable of collecting and preserving emails from on-premise and cloud servers irrespective of the operating system or device which include but not limited to servers laptop Pc’s and mobile devices.

Data recovery

Almost on every on-premise search and seizure operations, our activities will include data recovery from corrupt/ deleted hardware. This is a very time consuming process though, we have special techniques that enables us to do the recovery at a much faster time.

Be it a hard disk, internal or external, mobile phone with SMS, what’s app, mail and gallery data, we will apply appropriate techniques to excavate deleted, hidden and historical data form the electronic artefact.

Investigative support

With over 14 years of field experience, our team will be able to support you in your investigation process pertaining to multiple business domains, data sources and fraud mechanism.

Our support services will be completely compliant to the legal representation and administrative SOP’s followed by each and every law enforcement agencies , right from evidence inventory, 65B Chain of custody, Panchanama or Maghazar and expert witness assistance in the court of law.

Post ops services

While most of the cases are complimented with sound digital evidences, there is scope for further strengthening the case in the post ops period. Extraction and analysis of acquired data plays a vital role in establishing such evidences.

Our team of forensic examiners are trained in methodical extraction of data and analysis of the extracted data to generate reports, which are compliant for legal representation.

database analysis

Most of the acquired evidences will be in the form of Data Bases, which needs proper technical interpretation to convert it into a readable format.

From legacy Forxpro, Fox Base DB to current cloud based Oracle financials, CRM HCM and web based MYSQL DB and Microsoft MSSQL , our team has experience in handing and generating reports out of it.

Audio video forensic


Services for audio and video forensics are essential to contemporary investigations and court cases. To guarantee that the evidence is trustworthy and understandable, they provide a variety of methods for verifying, improving, analysing, and presenting recordings. These services keep developing as technology does, offering forensic analysts ever-more-advanced tools.

Determine if a recording is genuine or has been altered by analysing metadata, check for signs of editing, verify file integrity, and identify inconsistencies. Improve the quality of audio or video recordings to make details more discernible using methods like noise reduction, sound isolation, sharpening video frames, and improving lighting.

Identify or verify the speaker in an audio recording by comparing voice samples using spectrogram analysis and machine learning algorithms. Reconstruct events and timelines from recordings through audio and video sync, timestamp analysis, and identify key actions or events.

Extract specific information or identify important content within recordings using Speech and sound recognition, motion detection, and facial recognition. Identify whether a recording has been tampered with or edited by analysis of digital watermarks, error levels and compression artifacts detection. Provide expert witness testimony and reports for legal cases by providing detailed forensic reports, offer deposition and court testimony, and present findings in an understandable manner.


In digital forensic services, enterprise resource planning software analysis is a crucial procedure that entails looking through, entire operational, managerial and financial transactional data to find evidence of money laundering, fraud, embezzlement, and other financial crimes. To guarantee a thorough inquiry, this procedure makes use of both cutting-edge digital forensic methodologies and conventional application auditing techniques. As a component of digital forensic services, at FDI Labs we do ERP analysis for identifying financial frauds, bolstering legal claims, and strengthening organizational controls.

Our experienced Investigators can successfully manage and mitigate the dangers connected with any kind of resource inappropriateness by combining their superior forensic tools with a deep understanding of various ERP application deployed, whether off the shelf or customized.

ERP software analysis
financial analysis


Identify and investigate internal and external fraud schemes, such as asset misappropriation, corruption, and financial statement fraud, Assist legal teams by providing financial analysis and expert opinions in cases involving financial disputes and criminal investigations. Assist in tracing and recovering misappropriated funds and assets through detailed financial analysis and forensic investigation.

Financial analysis as a part of digital forensic services plays a crucial role in uncovering financial crimes, supporting legal actions, and enhancing organizational controls. By combining financial expertise with advanced forensic technologies, investigators can effectively address and mitigate the risks associated with financial misconduct.