While we are keen in updating on the latest and every day evolving technology, an expertise is also required in dealing with the old or legacy coding system. Some of the assessment searches revealed that there are organizations who still uses a very old software for which even the tech support might have been stopped byt eh software manufacturere, and finding someone with that technical know-how is also tough.. .


This case is all about finding the right authority who has access to fraudulent activity or hidden business transactions. Usage of very old technology called SYBASE is just a tip of the iceberg. The software is designed din such a way that you have to play a puzzle game just to gain access to the login screen. After performing 6 moves alike gaming, you will be guided to the login page which will enable you to login as the super user of the application.


The files for accessing the DB are renamed with wrong file extensions. Those files are identified renamed to correct file extensions and pointed to the software.


This relentless process was attained in a time period of about 40 hours of struggle, and the fraudulent transactions which can only be made and read by the authorised user with these navigation skills were found out .


A Sizeable evasion was unearthed and further probing was done based on he same.